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SMART CARE Sp. z o.o.  is a provider of a wide range of advisory and training services for companies, managers and executives of the SME sector. The company conducts advisory projects in the field of entrepreneurship support, training projects and workshops related to planning, development and support in career change, including reskilling and improving professional competences.  

As a group of independent advisors and trainers, we form a team of people who are able to provide assistance in the works related to the effective substantive implementation of the project as well as the financial settlement. Having extensive experience in the implementation of projects co-financed by the EU (PARP, WUP, PUP, UM) and knowledge of the specificity of work in projects co-financed by the EU, we always adjust the level of our involvement in a specific project and the form of cooperation to individual needs. We have extensive experience in the implementation of consulting projects in areas such as management, entrepreneurship development, sales and career development. Among our clients, there are such companies as: APPLE, Energa Operator, PGE, InterCars, Stella Pack and Vision Express. 

We are ready both to take responsibility for the process of management and financial settlement of a given undertaking, as well as to act as external consultants who provide only consulting and training services. The SMART CARE team of experts will not only help to obtain financial support but will also actively take part in its implementation and settlement.



The diversity of the coastline, mild climate, beautiful marinas, this is a paradise for sailors.




Our cruises take place on sailing yachts, catamarans or motor yachts with a minimum length of 40 feet.





st. Tomasza Zana 39a,
20-634 Lublin

phone number. +48 730 280 001

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